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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Centre for British Studies | Archive | Past Events | Public Lecture: “Ethics and Embryos: National Comparisons”

Public Lecture: “Ethics and Embryos: National Comparisons”

Baroness Ruth Deech, DBE
When Nov 24, 2009 from 06:15 PM to 08:15 PM (Europe/Vienna / UTC100) iCal
Where Großbritannien-Zentrum, Mohrenstraße 60
Contact Phone 030 2093 99040

In her lecture, Baroness Deech will look at the ethics and the law
surrounding infertility treatment, embryology and stem cell research,
an area where Britain was the first country to regulate and extend
these practices.  It is however a controversial area: Britain has
recently legalised the use of human-animal hybrid embryos and the
registration of birth by two mothers, other countries have taken a very
different approach, based on their history, religion and culture.  The
USA and Germany present alternative perspectives on these topics, which
will be evaluated. How far should one go in the pursuit of health and