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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Centre for British Studies

The Centre as a Family-Friendly Institution

The recent trend of family-friendly higher education institutions has become increasingly important for the Centre's staff and students. In anticipation of measures to be taken by the whole university, the Centre has adopted a new family-friendly policy. This includes, inter alia, a shared parent-and-child workspace, a child-friendly social room for guests, students and staff which includes a changing table, soft mattress and toy box. Flexi-time and core office hours help staff juggle responsibilities at home and at work. Having the children at the office, accommodating the requirements of staff and students with older children or eldery relatives and providing child-care facilities at workshops and conferences are also part of the measures taken to improve the Centre's status as a family-friendly place for research, study, and work. Our catalogue of measures can be accessed here.

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