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Dr Daphné Bolz is currently a Visiting Researcher at the Centre for British Studies and works on a project entitled “The Cultural Transfer and the Diffusion of Physical Education and Sport in Europe, 1918-1945: the Anglo-German Case” (European funding scheme FP7-IEF-2011).



Dr Bolz (b. 1978) studied Sports Sciences (DEA, 2000), Italian language and civilisation (DEUG, 1999) and Social Sciences (DEA, 2001) at the University Marc Bloch of Strasbourg, France. She prepared a joint doctorate supervised by B. Michon (Strasbourg) and G. Gebauer (Freie Universität Berlin) which she defended in 2005 and was entitled: Éducation et spectacle sportifs en Italie fasciste et en Allemagne nazie. Étude à partir des équipements sportifs. From 2006 to 2009, she was awarded two research contracts from the European Commission (FP6-IEF-2006 & FP7-IEF-2007) and worked as a Research Fellow at the International Centre for Sports History and Culture, De Montfort University, Leicester (UK). She was appointed as a maître de conferences in 2009 at the University of Rouen and is now on secondment for a couple of years (02/2013-01/2015) at the Centre for British Studies. She has taught the following courses in France, the UK and Italy: history of sport and physical education, national and international sports institutions, history of performance and training, sport and media, Olympism, sports architecture, sociology of sport, research methodology.


Research and scientific responsibilities

Dr Bolz works on the identity, political and cultural aspects of physical activities in Europe from the end the 19th c. to the mid-20th c. Her research area is Great Britain, Germany and Italy and concerns both the national organisation schemes and the international relations and influences. She is particularly interested in:

 - The organisation and policies for physical activities (sport, physical education, leisure, health)

- The definitions, oppositions and international history of concepts (‘sport’, ‘Olympism’, ‘Leibesübungen’, ‘physical education’, ‘fitness’…)

- The sports spaces: building policies for sports facilities; the stadium and the management of the masses; sports architecture as the reflection of European political systems;

- The geopolitical, economical and ethical aspects of the Olympic Games.


Dr Bolz has presented her research at various international congresses and published in French, British, Italian and German scientific journals and books. D. Bolz is General Secretary of the European Committee for Sports History (CESH) (2009-2013 & 2013-2017 mandates) and Fellow of this society. Since 2006, she has been General Editor of the journal European Studies in Sports History. She is a member of the Editorial Board of the French journal Sciences sociales et sports, and has been elected at the Board of the French Society for Sports History (SFHS) since 2003.

Dr Bolz acted as a reviewer for various international journals and the French assessment body ANR. She reviewed a doctorate in Italy and is a member of the supervision team of a MPhil student at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK). She organised, with Angela Teja, the international congress of CESH of 2004 in Crotone (Italy) and with Florence Carpentier, the Carrefour d’histoire du sport in Rouen (France) in 2012. She is a permanent member for the research centre CETAPS (EA 3832) at the University of Rouen (France) and an Associated Researcher at the E3S (EA 1342) centre at the University of Strasbourg (France). She is also a Visiting Research Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK).