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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Berlin-Britain Research Network


Audit UK Conference and Network Meeting September 2017

The Berlin-Britain Research Network is an international and interdisciplinary research group based at the Centre for British Studies. Its members come from the UK and from Germany. The initial focus of its  work has been a critical investigation of austerity politics in the UK. Austerity is understood not simply as a set of economic measures, but rather as a political and ideological concept whose impact on society, politics, culture and the economy is profound and long-term.


In the light of the UK's decision to leave the European Union, the network has shifted its emphasis towrds the connection between austerity politics, social inequalities and Brexit.


The project is lead by Dr Marius Guderjan (Centre for British Studies), Prof Paul Carmichael (University of Ulster), Dr Sam McIntosh (Centre for British Studies) and Dr Hugh Mackay (Open University Wales).


If you would like to join the network, contribute to our research or have any other inquiries, please contact us

Dr Marius Guderjan
Dr Sam McIntosh
Prof Paul Carmicheal