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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



International Conference, 23-25 May 2019

Britain in Transition: Brexit and Beyond

Organised by the Berlin-Britain Research Network in cooperation with the German Associaton for British Studies.


Download conference programme


Public Panel discussion

Brexit - An Ongoing Transition?

23 May, 17.00-18.30h


Prof Anne Deighton (Oxford University)
Prof Robert Ford (University of Manchester)
Dr Lisa McKenzie (Middlesex University)

Chaired by Prof Paul Carmichael (Ulster University)




International Conference, 27-29 September 2017

Audit UK: Social, Political and Cultural Challenges in the Light Of Brexit


Conference Broadcast on Radio Deutschlandfunk


Conference Programme


Public Panel discussion

Brexit: Social, Political and Cultural Disintegration?

27 September, 17.00-18.30h


Prof John Clarke
Dr Maria Sobolewska
Dr Kirsten Forkert

Chair: Dr Rebecca Bramall



Funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.



International Conference, 6-8 April 2016

Agency and Austerity: German and British Perspectives



Keynote by Rebecca Bramall


Adrian Wilding, Mike Savage and Kevin Bean


Prof Mike Savage, LSE, London: “Austerity and the Politics of Inequality”
Dr Rebecca Bramall, University of the Arts, London: “Tax Justice in Austerity: Logics, Residues and Attachments”

This event was very kindly funded by the KOSMOS Programme of the International Strategy Office, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.



Second Meeting, 3 March 2015

Programme of second meeting (PDF)




Allan Cochrane

Impulse: Genealogies of ‘austerity’


Steven Truxal

Response: Austerity and the city: a response to Prof Allan Cochrane’s paper


Ingrid von Rosenberg

Response: Response to Gesa Stedman’s Paper on Benefits Street. Not as Bad as its Early Reputation?


Gesa Stedman Benefits Street – Representations of Poverty and Austerity in the UK Today PDF



First Meeting, 25 September 2014

Programme of first meeting (PDF)




Steven Truxal

Impulse: legis austeritate (the law of austerity)


Hugh Mackay

Impulse: Sociological Perspectives on Austerity


Carlo Morelli

Impulse: Contextualisitng Inequality & Household Poverty within the context of Scottish Devolution: an inequality focused approach


Adrian Wilding

Response: Alternatives to Austerity: What the New Social Movements tell us


The inaugural meeting of the Berlin-Britain Research Network took place in September 2014. The group discussed impulse papers from various disciplines on the effects and problems of austerity politics in the UK in the 2010s. With its focus on critical austerity studies, the network intends to explore austerity not just as economic measures but as a 'new' political agenda with long-term effects in all areas of politics, culture, the economy, and society. It will continue its discussions at bi-annual meetings in Berlin.