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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Research Colloquium


Co-ordinator: Prof Christiane Eisenberg


The Centre runs a research colloquium with up to eight sessions each semester. The aim is to discuss work in progress and exchange ideas related to the Centre's interdisciplinary research agenda in an informal setting. Over the last years, the Centre's research colloquium also gave PhD candidates a forum to present their work in progress.

We invite researchers to participate in the colloquium and/or to present and discuss their research at one of the sessions. Please contact christiane.eisenberg@rz.hu-berlin.de.



Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Centre for British Studies | Research | Colloquia | Wissenschaftsinnovation und Wissenswandel in den Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaften. Siggen Kolloquium 2009

Wissenschaftsinnovation und Wissenswandel in den Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaften. Siggen Kolloquium 2009


In July 2009, an interdisciplinary group of German and Swiss academics met at the country house of the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung in Siggen in Schleswig-Holstein to discuss the relation between knowledge, the change of knowledge in relation to social and cultural change, and the pressure to do innovative research. Initiated by PD Dr Birgit Neumann (Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen) and Prof Dr Gesa Stedman (Centre for British Studies) the participants discussed models of academic and scientific innovation such as Kuhn's "paradigm shift" and Bachmann-Mehdick's concept of "turns" as to their merits and shortcomtings, historical and disciplinary origins, uses and abuses. Case studies from cultural history showed how scientific innovation and social change are related, and finally the group debated how to deal with the rising pressure to produce "new" research results all the time, to follow every allegedly new turn or paradigm shift while pursuing one's own research project. Various activities are the result of this lively open discussion forum between historians, literary historians and scholars, and social scientists. A discussion platform, a planned journal issue, as well as a number of strategic activities in the fields of higher education politics will be launched and begun shortly.



Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Centre for British Studies | Research | Colloquia | Interdisziplinäres Siggen Kolloquium 2008

Interdisziplinäres Siggen Kolloquium 2008


In September 2008, Professors Stedman and Schlaeger organized a conference for younger literary scholars from a number of disciplines (English, American Studies, German, French, and Comparative Literature) in the framework of the Siggener Zeit Programme of the Alfred-Toepfer-Stiftung F.V.S., Hamburg, at their conference centre Gut Siggen on the Baltic Coast. It was a follow-up of the pilot project initiated by Prof Schlaeger in 2006. Scholars at different stages of their careers and with a broad range of interests discussed the state of literary theory, themes and abuses of interdisciplinarity, and the strategies needed for reorganizing literary studies in order to re-establish a common platform for fruitful exchange not only between highly specialized sub-disciplines.

As an important off-shoot of the conference a new internet-based review and discussion format has recently been launched, entitled Siggen Dialogue, which aims to invigorate scholarly debates among the humanities in Germany.



Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Centre for British Studies | Research | Colloquia | Anglistisches Siggen Kolloquium 2006

Anglistisches Siggen Kolloquium 2006


Das Ende September / Anfang Oktober 2006 im Herrenhaus des Gutes Siggen der Alfred-Toepfer-Stiftung F.V.S. veranstaltete Strategie-Treffen der Anglistik war eine Versuchsanordnung für ein Konferenz-Format, für das die Stiftung ihr inzwischen baulich erweitertes Konferenz-Zentrum ab 2008 zur Verfügung stellen wird. In dem 'Siggener Zeit' genannten Programm schafft die Stiftung für geisteswissenschaftliche Fächer Gelegenheit zum strategischen Nachdenken über die Zukunft der Fächer. Das im Folgenden zugänglich gemachte Verlaufsprotokoll des Testlaufs vermittelt einen Eindruck von dem, was gewollt ist und was das Format möglich macht.

Das Verlaufsprotokoll kann unter folgendem Link im PDF-Format eingesehen und heruntergeladen werden: Verlaufsprotokoll Anglistisches Siggen Kolloquium 2006