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Interdisziplinäres Siggen Kolloquium 2008


In September 2008, Professors Stedman and Schlaeger organized a conference for younger literary scholars from a number of disciplines (English, American Studies, German, French, and Comparative Literature) in the framework of the Siggener Zeit Programme of the Alfred-Toepfer-Stiftung F.V.S., Hamburg, at their conference centre Gut Siggen on the Baltic Coast. It was a follow-up of the pilot project initiated by Prof Schlaeger in 2006. Scholars at different stages of their careers and with a broad range of interests discussed the state of literary theory, themes and abuses of interdisciplinarity, and the strategies needed for reorganizing literary studies in order to re-establish a common platform for fruitful exchange not only between highly specialized sub-disciplines.

As an important off-shoot of the conference a new internet-based review and discussion format has recently been launched, entitled Siggen Dialogue, which aims to invigorate scholarly debates among the humanities in Germany.