Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



The Centre hosts a variety of research activities investigating current development in British and European politics. The following themes are of particular interest to our work:

  • Brexit and the UK's relations with the European Union
  • Devolution, intergovernmental relations and the state of the Union
  • Democracy, populis and political agency

These topics feature in the Centre's public lectures and research events, inform the work of the Berlin-Britain Research Network, and are addressed in the edited volumes The Future of the UK - Between Internal and External Divisions (2016) and Contested Britain - Brexit, Austerity and Agency (2020).

The DFG-funded project Formal and Informal Intergovernmental Institutions in the UK - Cooperation, Conflict and Political Influence is part of wider study on the UK's multilevel policy.

For detailed information about our projects, please contact Dr Marius Guderjan.