Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



Dr Paolo Chiocchetti


Paolo’s current research focuses on various aspects of British electoral politics and UK–EU relations.


British Politics

Paolo is currently working on several papers on recent developments in British politics based on the data of the British Election Study (BES) internet panel: in particular, the partisan, ideological, national, and class division traversing left-leaning British voters; the emergence and politicization of ‘Brexit identities’ between 2010 and 2020; and public attitudes toward the Labour leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

A book chapter on ‘The divided left in the UK: partisanship, ideology, and class after Brexit’ is forthcoming in September 2023 with Bristol University Press.


European Integration & UK-EU relations

Over the past two years, Paolo has been working on a reassessment of the historical use, policy outcomes, and normative evaluation of differentiated integration in the European Union, with particular attention to UK-EU relations.

A first output of this project, the article on ‘A quantitative analysis of legal integration and differentiation in the European Union, 1958–2020’, has been published in February 2023 in the Journal of Common Market Studies. The related datasets are available here.  


Past research

Paolo is also the author of case-study, comparative, and aggregate research in the field of Comparative Politics, such as the monograph The radical left party family in Western Europe, 1989-2015 (2017, Routledge), the edited book Competitiveness and solidarity in the European Union: interdisciplinary perspectives (2019, Routledge), the article ‘Measuring party strength: a systematic framework applied to the case of German parties, 1991–2013’ (2016, German Politics), and the book chapter ‘‘Make way for the people!’ Left-wing populism in the rhetoric of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s 2012 and 2017 presidential campaigns’ (2019, Routledge). An updated list of his publications can be found here.