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Publications Visiting Professor Dr. Steven Truxal


Competition and Regulation in the Airline Industry: Puppets in Chaos, Research in Competition Law Series, Routledge (Taylor & Francis), (2012)

‘The ICAO Assembly Resolutions on International Aviation and Climate Change: Historic agreement, breakthrough deal and the Cancun effect’, 36(3) Air & Space Law 217—242

‘At the sidelines of implementing the EU ETS: objections to ‘validity’’, 16(4) International Trade Law and Regulation (2010: 28—36)

‘EU Transport Emissions Compliance Catch-up’, 14(6) International Trade Law and Regulation (2008: 117—121)

‘Competitive Distortions, Carbon Emissions Efficiencies or the Green Ultimatum?’, 14(4) International Trade Law and Regulation (2008: 77—79)

Case Commentaries in Lloyd’s List Shipping and Trade Newsletter (e.g. AIC Ltd v Marine Pilot Ltd; Pratt v Aigaion Insurance Co; Total Network SL v Revenue and Customs (2008))

Puppets in chaos: Airlines, regulators and strings, *unpublished PhD thesis, available to borrow from the British Library*

Pedagogic project on ‘Enhancing feedback: engaging students with grading criteria’, unpublished – paper presented in workshop on subject co-chaired at Faculty Learning and Teaching Conference

Collaborative pedagogic project on ‘Feeding forward: assessment for learning’ (interdisciplinary focus on law and strategic marketing students), unpublished.

Conference papers

‘US Supreme Court and ECJ jurisprudence moving towards convergence? – An investigation into public and private enforcement of competition rules and antitrust law’, Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference (EU and Competition Law stream), *paper presented September 2010*

‘Getting it right – environmental tax to low-carbon transport tax policy’, Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference (Environmental Law stream), September 2010, *paper presented September 2010*

‘Final thoughts on deregulation and liberalisation’ to Faculty of Business and Law, Kingston University *paper presented Apr. 2009*

‘Cowboy Capitalism, Gentlemanly Competition and the Regulatory Response’ to Faculty at School of Law, University of Westminster *paper presented Nov. 2008*

‘Agree to Disagree: Regulatory Hesitation in the EU and US’ to University of Technology Sydney, Australia *paper presented Aug. 2008*

‘Converging Approaches to Competition Policy?’ at the University of Sydney Law School, Australia *paper presented July 2008*


‘The UK Air Passenger Duty: Revenue-raising with a green overcoat?’, co-authored with Rupert Dunbar (Kingston University) – selected for presentation at 12th Global Conference on Environmental Taxes, University of Madrid (October 2011)

‘The air cargo cartel and the less visible hand of regulation: An investigation into the European Commission’s exercise of leniency, recidivism and discretion in fining’, co-authored.

‘The IMO and maritime emissions:  An investigation into the recent ICAO Resolutions on International Aviation Emissions and potential demonstrative effect of air transport on shipping’, co-authored.

‘The ECJ response to the EU ETS “unilateralism dilemma” – back to the drawing board?’