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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



Launch of the Berlin Graduate School of British Studies


"We will start small and hope to grow in the future." G. Stedman, Chair


On 7 January 2015 the new Graduate School of British Studies was launched during a lunchtime lecture event.

After a welcome to members, friends and guests of the new graduate school, the spokesperson of the Graduate School, Professor Gesa Stedman, introduced the guest speaker Dr Marion Müller. Dr Müller is a former member of the Centre for British Studies and an Oxford graduate. She now manages the Einstein Foundation Berlin.

Her talk was entitled “The best years of your lives“, and she told the audience about her PhD project which she had the luck to complete in Oxford but which was begun at the Centre for British Studies. Marion Müller gave a lively impression of her experience including not only all the pleasures and anxieties that such a large-scale academic endeavour involves but also all those famous little quirks and eccentricities the Oxford community offers. She furthermore had a list of helpful tips for our PhD students regarding their projects that included for instance the useful advice not to spend months and months collecting data but to start writing immediately, to remain open to ideas and criticism and not least to allow for mistakes which are a necessary part of any research project. It was an entertaining, but also thoughtful and encouraging talk.

The event was followed by a reception with drinks and canapés where everyone drank to the success of the graduate school and its members.











Guest speaker Dr Marion Müller




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