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Please be advised that current COVID-19 restrictions apply for events taking place at the Centre or at other university buildings!

All events will also be available via zoom. For details, please register for the event below and indicate that you would like to attend via zoom.


Events and Lectures - Winter Semester 2022-23

Watch this space for more information on upcoming events!




Reading with Kit de Waal

Tuesday, 17:00
Centre for British Studies, R. 105

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Berlin and the BBC

Thursday, 8:45-18:00, and
Friday, 9:30-18:30
Centre for British Studies, R. 105 and
Museum für Kommunikation

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Britons in Berlin: An Exploration through the Senses (Student-led online exhibition)



More information on previous events can be found here.

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Please note: due to changing COVID-19 restrictions, the details and the format of the events are subject to change.
For events that offer on-site seating, the number of seats may be limited and attendance dependent on adherence to current COVID-19 restrictions.

Visit or @CentreforBritishStudies Facebook page for any updates.