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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Publication: Ireland in the European Eye - Bettina Migge, Gisela Holfter

A comprehensive survey of Ireland’s place in Europe, providing a detailed narrative of a cul-
tural relationship that began with Irish missionaries bringing Christianity and learning to the continent... more information



From the Local to the Global
Political Meetings and Public Space in England 1700-2000

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1 July 2019

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Book Debate
Exodus. Reckoning. Sacrifice. Three Meanings of Brexit

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2 July 2019

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Annual Report 2018

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The Centre for British Studies is an interdisciplinary research institute at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The institute, the first of its kind in Germany, conducts comprehensive research and offers teaching, lectures and conferences on a broad interdisciplinary agenda focusing on the United Kingdom.

Our interdisciplinary research projects, PhD projects, research colloquia, working papers, as well as lists of publications by the Centre’s staff, can be found on this website.

The Centre teaches the international, interdisciplinary and practice oriented M.A. British Studies course. Students from all over the world and with different academic backgrounds study British history, culture and literature, as well as law, politics, business and economics. Detailed information about the programme can be accessed under M.A. British Studies.

With its series of conferences on topical aspects of society, the Centre for British Studies intends to encourage debates on current issues concerning both Britain and Germany. The Centre also organises public lectures and panel discussions, such as the popular "Monday Lectures". Listings of current and future lectures can be found below and under Events. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Our current Annual Report provides information on the various activities we pursued, the courses offered, the respective students, our research activities, news and events of the previous year.