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Bibliographies on Britain


From the 19th century on historians, sociologists and cultural scientists have focused their interest on the development of nation states. In this respect the specific development in Britain has always played a crucial role because processes of modernisation began here earlier than elsewhere and in many respects also took a different course. The country was generally acknowledged to reveal to its successors an "image of their own future", as Marx formulated it in his foreword to "Das Kapital". For this reason, and as a result of Britain's global expansion from the eighteenth century onwards, countless authors have written studies on European countries comparing them with Britain (or England), and for more than 100 years analysed perceptions and cultural transfers.

In many cases these comparisons have been implicit, i.e. on the basis of general pre-existing knowledge, without a special method, unsystematic and quite often for political reasons. Since the 1970s/80s, however, a certain professionalisation in this area has become noticeable and, thanks to the recent upsurge in research on transnational developments, English/British studies from an outside perspective have become a booming industry.

The collected bibliographies on this website document these research activities. They thereby provide an extension to existing bibliographies on British history, society and culture (e.g. the Royal Historical Society bibliography), which comprise transnational studies only in individual cases.

On the one hand this website lists research studies on specific themes; on the other hand it documents sources which may be relevant for further research studies.

The website will be extended in the future. Anyone wishing to contribute further bibliographies is therefore invited to contact christiane.eisenberg@rz.hu-berlin.de.



British History Compared British History Compared: A Bibliography. Compiled by Christiane Eisenberg (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
Britain Perceived Books and articles about Great Britain Published in Germany between 1830 and 1914: A Bibliography. Compiled by Andrew Lees (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Campus at Camden)
Bibliography of British and Irish History http://apps.brepolis.net/bbih/search.cfm