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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



For further information please contact

Christine Seuring
Room 1.29
Tel: 2093 12376


Information desk
Tel: 2093 12370

Opening hours
During term

Mon-Fri 09.30-20.00h


During vacation

Mon-Fri 10.00-19.00h


Access to the library's OPAC via WWW

The Centre's Main Library (Dorotheenstraße 65)


The library serves the Centre's specific teaching and research interests. The library's main themes focus on British literature, culture, history, politics, economics, law, philosophy, sociology, art and the media.

Equipped with modern technology, online catalogues information systems, OPAC terminals and reading and working spaces, the library provides excellent facilities for students, researchers and the general public. Together with other libraries of the Humboldt-Universität, the library is located in the August-Boeckh-Haus in Dorotheenstraße 65.

The greater part of the holdings is shelved according to the so-called HX classification scheme.


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Reference Research Unit (Mohrenstraße 60)


The reference research unit of the Centre complements the main collection with further teaching and research material; including an extensive microfiche collection, digital reference works, British newspapers and magazines, as well as reading, printing and video facilities. The British Embassy has supported the reference research unit with a generous book donation and the microfiche collection.