Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Further Partnerships


The Centre for British Studies collaborates with a number of institutions:


  • Centre for Irish German Studies, University of Limerick
  • The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH)
  • Institute of European and Comparative Law, University of Oxford".
  • Literaturhaus Berlin
  • Humboldt-Universitäts-Gesellschaft
  • John Fell Fund, Oxford
  • Deutsches Historisches Institut London (GHIL)
  • International Centre for Sports History and Culture, DeMontfort University Leicester
  • British Chamber of Commerce in Germany
  • British Institute of International and Comparative Law
  • Max-Planck-Institut für Rechtsgeschichte und Rechtstheorie
  • The British Council
  • Britische Botschaft Berlin
  • Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft
  • Goldsmith College
  • King’s College