Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Guest Lecturers


Dr Olivier Butzbach

University of Campania


Department of Political Science

Prof Dr Paul Carmichael

University of Ulster

Associate Dean (Global Engagement) in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Science

Teaching Politics at the Centre and Beyond

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Prof Dr Gerry Mooney

Open University Scotland

Faculty of Social and Science

Teaching Social Stratification

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Dr Andrew Feist

Home Office, UK

Programme Director Policing and Crime Patterns

Teaching Cultural Policy

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Dr Terry O'Sullivan

Open University

Senior Lecturer

Teaching Marketing

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Dr Hugh Mackay

Open University

Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Teaching British Mass Media

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Dr Pikay Richardson

Manchester Business School

Visiting Senior Fellow

Teaching British Economy

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Dr Carlo Morelli

University of Dundee

Senior Lecturer in Business and Economic History

Teaching Labour Markets and Income Distribution

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Dr Adrian Wilding

Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Lecturer in Politics and Sociology

Teaching New Social Movements and Popular Protests

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