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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Dr Sam McIntosh



Lecturer and Researcher in Law



Tel +49 (0)30 2093 99063




Sam was awarded his PhD by the Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism at City, University of London, in April 2016. He spent three years of his PhD as a visiting scholar at Vienna University under the supervision of Professor Manfred Nowak. Sam holds an LLM in Public International Law (with distinction) from Edinburgh University, and an MA (Joint Honours) in Spanish and European History, also from Edinburgh University. Sam is a fully qualified lawyer in England and Wales, and has worked at three of the most highly regarded human rights firms in the country. He began his training in the criminal defence department at Imran Khan & Partners and went on to finish his training and work in the civil departments at Bhatt Murphy Solicitors and Hickman & Rose. At both firms he worked primarily on civil actions against the police and prison authorities, and on inquests into deaths at the hands of the state.

Sam has previously worked at the University of Reading's School of Law as a Sessional Lecturer, Teaching Fellow and also as a Research Assistant on the 'Law, Terrorism and the Right to Know' project. This project explored democratic traditions of media freedom and the contemporary demands of national and international security in the context of terrorism-related court cases.

Sam's research interests include domestic and international human rights law, the rights of unsettled refugees and migrants, the Coroners' Courts, open justice and the media's relationship with the courts, transitional justice and recognition theory.

Sam teaches and examines on the following courses: Constitutional Law and the Political System, The English Legal System, The Coercive State, Debating and Mooting.

Sam is currently the recipient of a research grant from the Volkswagen Foundation's 'Original Isn't It' funding line "Komm! ins offene...". This is for a one-year research project entitled Refugee Lives Matter? Protecting the human rights of migrants and refugees through international and regional obligations to investigate deaths.