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Admission Requirements

Applicants need to have a university degree at the time of formal enrolment (October 2024). This
first degree can be in any subject. With usually over 100 applications for 30 places, admission is
highly competitive. The diversity in standards of university teaching and grading throughout the world
makes it impossible to impose any formal requirements on the minimum grade to be obtained. As a
rule of thumb, though, successful applicants with a Bachelor (e.g. BA, LLB, BSc) or similar degree
tend to have graduated within the top 10-15%, successful applicants with a Master (e.g., MA, LLM,
MSc) or similar degree within the top 15-20% of their class. We will, however, look at the individual
circumstances of each case.

Applicants need to speak very good English. The application must contain proof of your proficiency
in form of an ETS TOEFL certificate (minimum score of 600 for the paper-based test, 250 for the
computer-based test, or 100 for the internet-based test), or a Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency
in English (any grade), or a Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (grade A or B), or an IELTS
test (level 7.0). Neither a degree in English language, nor English language teaching experience will
be considered as adequate proof. Only native speakers are exempt from this requirement. Lower
scores than those required will substantially reduce your chances of being accepted onto the course.
Furthermore, a working knowledge of German is highly advisable


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