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Last summer I returned to Berlin to visit my old stomping grounds and the new facilities of the GBZ, which I was very impressed with. I would be happy to meet up with any GBZ alumni who find themselves in New York City.
Paul Stankus, Class 2005-2007



Welcome to our Alumni Page!


On this page you will find information about our alumni initiative, our Alumni Newsletter, how to register on the HU Alumni Portal and how get your life-long Humboldt e-mail address.


Alumni Initiative


The Centre wants to keep in touch with its alumni. This is a two-fold endeavour. We like to keep track of what our former students are up to  professionally, but we also love to hear about any other news, whether it be about other important life events or just an interesting experience that is worth sharing. When our students graduate and leave the Centre they are usually off to their first proper job and it is a real pleasure to see them go out into the world and take on all sorts of interesting projects. Many of our alumni also get in touch with us to share things that are of mutual interest to us and our current students.

As well as encouraging our alumni to actively stay in touch with us and keep us up to date with their news, we also regularly send out information about activities at the Centre, job opportunities and interesting events in Berlin or elsewhere. By maintaining and updating our alumni network, we are able to bring students of all years together to share their life-lessons and experiences and to maintain a valuable exchange that nurtures possible co-operations regarding internships, job offers and knowledge sharing.

This June we will be organising a Stammtisch in Berlin for our alumni to catch up with old colleagues and to meet alumni from different years.




Alumni Portal


The Alumni Portal at Humboldt–Universität provides former and current members of the University various ways to communicate, build social networks and remain in contact. To register, please access the following link:


Life-long HU E-mail Address


When registering for the Alumni Portal, you will be asked if an alumni e-mail address ( is required. After you have registered and your information has been reviewed, the access information to the new e-mail address will be sent to an alternative address. In case you wish to get an e-mail address at a later point, please write a short e-mail to the Alumni Office of Humboldt-Universität:

For more information please see:


Alumni Newsletter


Alumni Newsletter 2022
Alumni Newsletter 2021
Alumni Newsletter 2020

A revamped Alumni Newsletter is produced annually and sent to our alumni with information on important events and other developments that have taken place at the Centre during the previous year. We also use our alumni group email to inform alumni of future events and job offers – so please keep us up to date with any address changes so that we can ensure that you do not miss out.


Get in touch!


It’s always a pleasure to hear from our dear alumni, So please do share with us your stories and how you’ve been doing since graduation!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Riley Linebaugh (alumni contact)