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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

How is the work placement organised?


How long is the work placement?


The work placement is an obligatory part of the programme and takes 3 months some time in the 3rd semester.


Do I have to look for a placement or does the Centre provide one?


Not necessarily. We have a variety of placements all over the UK in various fields. If you have a particular interest and preference which we cannot help you with, you can look for a place yourself.


Is the placement paid?


No. You would be responsible for your own cost of living. However, there is a strong possibility that you may be granted an Erasmus+ grant with 350€ per month.


Applicants requiring financial support are strongly recommended to apply for a grant or scholarship well in advance. The deadlines for scholarship applications may be as early as in October the year before you plan to take up your studies at the Centre for British Studies!

The course is full-time. We strongly advise you to take this into consideration if you are thinking of working part-time.


Do I have to do the work placement?


Yes. This is an obligatory part of the course and counts as part of the exam. The work placement has to take place in the UK (or in Ireland). Students are required to write an internship report.


Do I have to do a work placement in Britain, or could I do a placement in another country?


A work placement in Britain (or Ireland) is a mandatory and essential part of the degree programme. Only in very exceptional circumstances can the internship take place elsewhere.


What are potential placament providers?


You can find lists of past and potentional placement here:

Work Placements