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Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften (LNDW)

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As part of their seminar on Cultural Project Management, our students organise a public project including poster exhibitions, interactive workshops and talks for the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften (LNDW) Berlin/Potsdam.The project of the Centre for British Studies is centrally located within the Senatssaal of the university's main building. Here are some retrospects of previous student-led projects.


LNDW 2021

Britons in Berlin: An Exploration through the Senses100 Years of Britons in Berlin


LNDW 2020

100 Years of Britons in Berlin

M.A. British Studies 20th Anniversary (Student Project 2019)

20 Years in the Past, 20 Years in the Future

LNDW 2018

Who Am I? Stories of Migration

LNDW 2017

Goodbye UK - A journey through pre-Brexit Britain


LNDW 2016

Back to the present: Moments that made modern Britain