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What happens after I've been accepted?


What steps do I take after receiving a confirmation for the M.A. British Studies?


Please refer to our Steps To Take, as of page 6 in the booklet “Some Useful Information for Living and Studying in Berlin. Based on the HU Guide for International Students,” or the official Humboldt guide sent to you with the confirmation letter. This is information which you only receive after being accepted for the programme.


If I am accepted to the programme, how do I apply for a visa?


For the current necessary entry requirements please ask at the German embassy in your home country. If a visa is required, start the application process as early as possible as it may take quite a lot of time. You need a visa for studying in Germany – a tourist visa is not acceptable in this case. One of the main prerequisites for obtaining such a visa is the certificate of admission which we sent you and a financial proof of roughly 7,500 Euro. This can be done by

1)      a bank statement of a German bank showing that you have the amount of money needed; or

2)      a so-called Verpflichtungserklärung (declaration of suretyship) by a person living in Germany; or

3)      a Verpflichtungserklärung by a member of your family in your home country (ask at the embassy for the form) proving that they have got the money to support you.

From our experience we can tell you that the whole procedure may be quite tedious and that it often lasts longer than expected. So please apply for your visa without any delay!

If any problems with the embassy arise please tell us so immediately. If you give us a direct telephone number of the person responsible, we can try and talk to them directly about your case. That might help.


I have not yet received my confirmation (Zulassungsbescheid) for the MBS. What do I do?


Is the address which you gave to us on the application form up-to-date? Can we send it to a more secure address (a friend in Berlin for example)?

Contact We can then scan the letter for you to take to the German embassy. In the meantime, another confirmation letter will be sent to you through the post.