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What are the costs for studying and living?


What does the programme cost? Is there a tuition fee?


There is no tuition fee, but if accepted, you would be required to pay for your own cost of living. The administrative fee at the Humboldt-Universität is c. 290 Euros including a semester ticket (for public transport) per semester (6 months).


How much money do I need to live in Berlin?


Berlin is still much cheaper than other German cities. On average students need c. 750 Euros monthly. This includes accommodation rent, matriculation costs (c. 290 Euros per semester), food and insurances. There are no tuition fees for the M.A. British Studies programme.


How do I finance myself in Berlin and during the work placement in the UK or Ireland?


Applicants requiring financial support are strongly recommended to apply for a grant or scholarship well in advance. The deadlines for scholarship applications may be as early as in October the year before you plan to take up your studies at the Centre for British Studies!

The course is full-time. We strongly advise you to take this into consideration if you are thinking of working part-time.


Are grants available?


Sponsorship suggestions for prospective students:


Alfred Toepfer Stiftung




During the past few years, most M.A. British Studies students received financial support from the Erasmus Placements programme of the European Union for their time spent in Britain. Students who have been admitted to the course will receive more information closer to the date.