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Distinguished Theses

Sustainable Tourism in the UK. Sustainability labelling and its effectiveness as a marketing tool within the tourism industry

Anastasia Kolyada, 2021


Debates on Higher Education in Post-War Britain: An Analysis of Universities Quarterly, 1947-1963

Kelsey Haddorff, 2021


Street Art in Glasgow: A Struggle for Appropriating Urban Spaces

Natalia Grigoreva, 2019


Streaming Services and Contemporary British TV

Ana Ornelas, 2018


The Road to Health: Narrating Distance in Three Contemporary British Addiction Narratives

Sonja Pyykkö, 2017


The Protection of Asylum Seekers Against Female Genital Mutilation in the UK

Maja Grundler, 2015


Anti-Austerity Movements in the UK. Developments in Popular Protest and the Impact of the New Media

Clara Mehring, 2015


Searching for a Coherent Legal Approach to 'Honour Killings' in the UK: Cultural Considerations at Court and the Potential of the Loss of Self-Control Defence

Nadine Strümpel, 2015


Women at War: Representation of War in British Women's Poetry of the First World War

Sofia Permiakova, 2014

Winner of the Humboldt Prize for Outstanding Master Thesis 


The British Film Industry and Hollywood: Joint Venture fr British Hertiage Films. With a Case Study of Joe Wright's Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Caroline Döring, 2014


Following the "Nordic Model"? Envisioning an Independent Scotland

Carolina Stiberg, 2012


Narrating the State of the British Nations: National Identities in Post-Devolutionary Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Literature

Lisa Manon Bungeroth, 2012



European Integration and National Identity - a comparison of the development of political parties' positions on Europe in the UK and Germany

Nina Roßmann, 2012



The Question of Authenticity in Christopher Isherwoods Autobiographical Writings

Julia Reuter, 2011


From Eire to Alba: Irish Immigration into Scotland. Politics, Religion and Identity between 1850 and 1922.
Cristina Roman, 2010


Heritage Film and Heritage Culture: Jane Austen Adaptations

Bojana Perisic, 2010


The UK’s Nuclear Deterrent and Post-Devolution Scotland: Legal, Political and Economic Implications
Julia Floren, 2009


The British Media and the Monarchy: Elizabeth the Dutiful or Elizabeth the Last? The Press Perception of Queen Elizabeth II in the UK 1997-2007
Emilia Zaperta, 2008


Scotland's Representation in Europe in the Post-Devolution Era: Results and Expectations
Anna Dmitrieva, 2008


Immigration to London: Hard Facts – Literary Solutions?
Bettina von Staden, 2007


Traditional publishers in the digital era
Sandra Domke, 2006


The Social and Political Contexts Which Led to the Building of Harewood House. The Extraordinary Founding of a Dynasty: Henry Lascelles Achievement Without Land
Tim Rooks, 2005


Tony Blair’s Role in the New World Order - Morality in Rhetoric and PracticeAlissa Nordmeier, 2005


On the Economics of Euroscepticism
Hugo Whately, 2005


Marketing the Northumbria National Trust in Germany - Problems and Chances
Ina Engelhardt-Linden, 2004


Developments in University Autonomy in England
Anett Löscher, 2004 / nominated for the Humboldt Prize for Best Final Academic Works


The Debate about Fox Hunting
Dagmar Orendi, 2004


Unemployment in Great Britain and the local impact of New Deal for Young People (NDYO) an youth unemployment in Glasgow

Dunja-Maria Bischof, 2004



The 1998 Human Rights Act and Constitutional Change in the United Kingdom
Peter Skrandies


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