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KOBV - Library catalogue for academic, public and specialised libraries Berlin and Brandenburg

Free access on the Internet

Searches the holdings of 77 libraries in Berlin and Brandenburg, find materials that you cannot find on PRIMU here. If you need to order a title via inter-library loan, it offers links to the order form.

KOBV - Directory of libraries in Berlin and Brandenburg (German only)

Free access on the Internet

Directory of libraries included in the co-operative catalogue of libraries in Berlin and Brandenburg. If you plan to use any of these libraries, please check the conditions of use applying. Access is usually granted to external users, but lending regulations may vary, a registration may be necessary and sometimes fees apply.

KVK - Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue

Free access on the Internet

Search interface for national and international libraries, book directories and repositories of digital materials. Please select resources to be included in your search underneath the search slots before you start your search.

JSTOR Digital Library

Limited access (HU-network or from home via VPN)

Contains digitised issues of academic journals, book and primary sources. Many of the resources can be found on PRIMUS where a direct link is provided to the text in JSTOR.

Archives Portal Europe

Free access on the Internet

Provides access to information on archival materials from different European countries as well as information on archival institutions.

Library of Anglo-American Culture and History - Open-Access Repository

Free access on the Internet

Subject repository for British & Irish studies, Anglophone literatures & cultures, and English, including all sub-fields such as cultural studies, English language teaching, gender studies, geography, history, law, linguistics, literary studies, media studies, medieval studies, political science, postcolonial studies and social sciences, as well as American studies, Australian & New Zealand studies, Canadian studies


Collections of Newspaper Articles

Nexis Uni

Limited access (HU-network or from home via VPN)

Offers full text access to selected current articles from UK newspapers including The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, Daily Mail. You can either perform a general search using the search bar and narrow down your results using the filter Publication type  - Newspapers on the left of your results list or directly enter the title of the newspaper that you want to search by entering the title of the newspaper in the search bar and add the source as filter for all searches. If you want to know whether a specific newspaper not mentioned above is included, please use the option Menu in the top left corner of the screen and choose All sources to find a list of all sources included.

19th Century British Library Newspapers (BNCN)

Limited access (HU-network or from home via VPN)

Provides the most comprehensive full-text digital collection of national and regional newspapers of Victorian Britain available, featuring London national newspapers, English regional papers, home country newspapers from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, and titles in specialist areas such as Victorian radicalism and Chartism. The collection is made up of both daily and weekly publications.

Historical Newspapers and Periodicals Archive Online

Free on registration with the provider

Contains the archives of The Guardian (1821-2003), The Observer (1791-2003) and New Statesman and Nation (1913-2000).

The Times Digital Archive

Limited access (HU-network or from home via VPN)

Access to the digital archive of The Times, excluding issues published in the last 6 years.

Financial Times Historical Archive

Limited access (HU-network or from home via VPN)

Access to the digital archive of Financial Times 1888-2010.

British Library - The British Newspaper Archive Online

Free search, access to full texts subject to fees

Historical newspapers from Britain and Ireland containing most of the runs of newspapers published in the UK since 1800, mainly from the 19th century. The archive is currently expanded to include materials up to the 1950s.

Holdings of the Newspaper Department of Staatsbibliothek Berlin

Access to texts in microform or print on-site for library cardholders only

Link to list of holdings of the department, both for online resources free of charge or via remote access (see section Great Britain) or print and online (see section United Kingdom).



Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Limited access (HU-network or from home via VPN)

Biographical dictionary of British history.

Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy

Free access on the Internet

Encyclopaedia of philosophy with peer-reviewed publication of original papers in philosophy.




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