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Primary Sources

British History Online

Free access on the Internet

Core printed primary and secondary sources for medieval and modern British history, including the Victoria County History and the Survey of London (led by the Institute of Historical Research).

Connected Histories

Free access on the Internet

Access point to a range of collections of digital resources related to early modern and nineteenth-century Britain.

Corvey Digital Collection: Literature of the 18th and 19th Centuries

Limited access (HU-network or from home via VPN)

Comprises one of the most important collections of Romantic era writing in existence, including fiction, short prose, dramatic works, poetry, and more with a focus on especially difficult-to-find works by lesser-known, historically neglected writers.

The John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera

Limited access (HU-network or from home via VPN)

Provides access to archival materials that document everyday life in eighteenth- to twentieth-century Britain. It contains more than 65,000 items drawn from advertising, the book trade, nineteenth-century entertainment and popular prints as well as crimes, murders and executions.

London Low Life - Street Culture, Social Reform and the Victorian Underworld

Limited access (HU network or from home via VPN)
A collection of digitized primary sources documenting popular culture in 19th century London. A wide variety of material types are included, such as fast literature, street ephemera (posters, advertising, playbills, ballads, and broadsides), penny fiction, cartoons, chapbooks, street cries, tourist guides and topographies, and swells’ guides to London prostitution, gambling, and drinking dens.

Mass Observation Online

Limited access (HU network or from home via VPN)
Between 1937 and the mid-50s, the Mass Observation organisation tried to capture the everyday life of ordinary Britons through questionnaires and collections of diaries. In this database, you can search the original sources as well as reports published by the organisation.



Bibliography of British & Irish History

Limited access (HU-network or from home via VPN)

Guide to published writing on British and Irish history, including books, journal articles, and articles in collected volumes.

Historical Abstracts: Bibliography of the World’s Periodical Literature

Limited access (HU-network or from home via VPN)

Index of literature covering world history (excluding the United States and Canada) from the 15th century to the present ; indexing thousands of journals in over 40 languages.

British History Compared: a Bibliography (Fourth Edition)

Free access on the Internet

This bibliography provides the titles of books and essays in which aspects of English or British history are subjected to international comparison. It was compiled by Professor Christiane Eisenberg.

Books and Articles about Great Britain Published in Germany between 1830 and 1914 : a Bibliography

Free access on the Internet
Includes general works about Great Britain – many of them travel accounts but many others being works of analysis and reflection – that were published in Germany between 1830 and the start of the First World War. It also includes more specialised books and articles that deal with social conditions, movements, and reforms in Britain during this period.

Irish Studies Online

Free access on the Internet to bibliographical information, full texts not included
Contains titles of over 100 books on Irish studies as well as journal article information from Eighteenth-Century Ireland and Studia Hibernica, published 1961-2004.

Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals, 1824-1900

Limited access (HU-network or from home via VPN)
Identifies the authors of articles within major Victorian periodicals and provides a bibliography for each contributor. This is useful, as the vast majority of articles written for Victorian periodicals were published anonymously, or under pseudonyms. 45 important monthly and quarterly titles are included, covering the period from the beginning of the Westminster Review in 1824 to the end of the century.



Leibniz-Institute for European History - IEG-Maps: Server for digital historical maps (German only)

Free access on the Internet

High quality digital maps for personal use.



Leibniz-Institute for European History - European History Online  

Free access on the Internet

Collection of academic essays on European history including extensive bibliographies and links to primary resources. Best explored by using the THREAD option at the top of the page as the other possibilities offer results in German only, although the language can be changed to English once you reach the individual essays.

Clio Online

Free access on the Internet

Guide to information for historians including a directory of online resources, institutions and researchers.

Library of the German Historical Institute London - List of Recent Acquisitions

Free access on the Internet

Sortable list of all titles acquired by the library during the last three months. The library collects materials on German history from the Middle Ages to the present, as well as British-German relations and comparative historiography.


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